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Construction Management

Your Partner In Construction

THL’s Construction Management Division provides Construction Management Services for both large and smaller scale projects. These include high rise, mid rise, low rise townhouse complexes, and highly customized large single residence homes.

Regal Plaza

600 Dixon Rd. Toronto

This $100 million project is 11 stories and 230,000 SF. THL is the Construction Manager overseeing all of the Trades contracts (tendering, award, and construction) and providing the Site Superintendent and other site staff.  The work also includes managing all of the utility relocations and new service connections, as well as dealing with the Staybridge suite construction and design standards.


Lower Junction Towns

20 Perth Ave,  Toronto

This $16 million project included 32 exclusive townhouses constructed in 4 groups. All were customized heavily by the purchasers. THL completed the Construction Management over a two year period.


Lakeshore Pointe Phase 1

55 Thompson, North Bay

This $33 million project is a 70,000 sf, 70 unit, 4 storey condominium. THL was contacted by the Owner to provide Construction Management services. This includes tendering the work to the trades, managing all the contracts, providing the site superintendent and other site staff, and achieving all of the necessary occupancies. A key element is working cooperatively with the architect and design team in order to resolve any issues that arise during construction.


Sheppard & Weston Plaza

2277 Sheppard Ave,  Toronto

This $12 million project included four multi-retail buildings complete with all buildings and site work. The scope started with demolition and is nearly complete. This project was initially managed by others, but the Owner contacted THL in order to solve major construction issues.


Pinewood Studios, Stages 10, 11, and 12

225 Commissioners Street, Toronto

This $18 million project was three separate buildings for a total of 85,000 SF.


  • Three 10,000 SF Sound studios in one building, including all Civil Works.

  • One 25,000 building containing a 10,000 SF studio space, 10,000 SF workshop, and 4,000 SF office core

  • One 25,000 workshop building/ studio support space


Pinewood Studio 14

225 Commissioners Street, Toronto

This $6 million project was a 32,500 SF multi-purpose space that can be used for workshops and effects stages. THL completed all aspects of Construction Management for this assignment. The building was constructed while other buildings were still filming, which was a major challenge.


Fashion House Condo

1 the Esplanade, Toronto

560 King Street West,  Toronto

Located in the Fashion District of downtown Toronto, this was a 12 story, mixed use residential/retail space. THL staff acted as the Owner Representative to fit out the 2,500 SF Penthouse Suite, working with the City, Developer, Designers, and Property Management. Project complete on budget for $2.5 million. Working in the downtown core,  daily communication and coordination, site logistics and project deliveries played a large role in the project success.


Sousa Mendes Commercial / Residential


Located in the Junction of Toronto, this was a new 2,500 SF commercial and residential space with a project budget of $700,000.  THL staff acted as the Owner Representative to complete the design and manage the Construction fit out to meet the client’s requirements. Construction was completed at $600,000, below budget.

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